Review: Do NOT Bring Your Dragon to the Library by Julie Gassman, illustrated by Andy Elkerton



A dragon is sometimes a very rude beast. At story time he’ll take up ten spaces, at least!





What happens: There are some rules that you need to remember if you plan to visit the library. You’ll need to respect the books, be ready to have some fun in storytime, and use your library card to check out your items. Most importantly, though, you must never, ever, no matter WHAT, bring your dragon to the library. You see, dragons are too big, too loud, and entirely too fiery to come to the library. But, there is a way to bring all of the magic of the library to your dragon waiting patiently at home…with your library card!

The good: I’m a sucker for a good library themed book. This is the second one this year that I’ve enjoyed (the other is The Not So Quiet Library). If you knew me on a personal level, you’d also know that putting a dragon into a book is a sure fire way to get me read it. So, I had high hopes for this one. And it paid off! The prose flows nicely and the use of end rhyme is nice if a bit sing-song.

The full page illustrations, though, are the highlight of this picture book. The best way that I can describe them is expressive. They portray the story well enough that you don’t need the words to tell the story. The best part of the illustrations, though, are the diversity that they highlight. We have BROWN PEOPLE! YES! We also have a disabled child and the person of authority in the book (the librarian) is a female POC.  Here’s a massive thank you to Andy Elkerton (the illustrator) and the folks over at Capstone Young Readers for publishing this book.

Obviously, I’m also happy that the book addressed all of the cool stuff that you can do at the library and the fun that you can have at home by using your library card.

Did I mention there are dragons in here….?

The not so good: Nada.

Rating: 5/5 stars!


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