Review: Whoops! by Suzi Moore


She went to look at her big spell book.

She cast a spell and the whole house shook.

The wind blew in,

and the rain came down.

Then the tumbledown house turned around and around.

What happens: Cat, dog, and mouse have quite a problem–none of them can make the right sound! Cat can’t meow, dog can’t bark, and mouse can’t squeak. But don’t worry. Owl knows just what to do. He send the trio to a little old lady with a spellbook who is sure to make things right. Except that this particular old lady isn’t very good at choosing the correct spell. What ever could go wrong?

The good: This is a funny, interactive book for toddlers and up. Filled with repeated phrases and tons of animal sounds, it lends itself to a hilarious reading done by anyone willing to give it a shot. If you’re new to children’s librarianship or reading aloud to children, I’d pick this one up and give it a go. It’s sure to boost your skills and confidence. In addition to having a fun, simple story, each page features minimal illustrations with bright, high contrast background which make it easy for children to see clearly what is happening on each page.

The not so good: I expect the majority of people aren’t going to have a problem with this, but this book does feature a character who is a witch, though she is not referred to as such, who does magic out of a spellbook. Know your community before you read this one.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

Citation: Moore, Suzi. Whoops! Illustrated by Russell Ayto, Templar Books, 2015.


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