Review: Little Home Bird by Jo Empson

little-home-bird-by-jo-empson‘Little Bird,’ he said. ‘Did you know a home can be here or there? It may be near or far, big or small, and even hot or cold. And sometimes you can have two homes–just like us! It’s time to fly south to our winter home, where the food is plenty and the wind’s breath is warm.’

What happens: Little Bird enjoys his home. He loves sitting in his nest, listening to his family sing, and eating bright red berries. But then winter comes and it’s time to migrate south for the winter. Little Bird doesn’t want to leave his favorite place, but his big brother explains that home is wherever a family is together. Little Bird decides to take all of his favorite things with him on his trip. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to fly with such a heavy load and, one by one, Little Bird drops his favorite things and journeys on without them. Luckily, Little Bird discovers new things to love in his new home and finds that he can belong in more than one place.

The good: I moved a lot as a kid and I wish that there had been a kind of book like this for me to read. It explains going to a new home as something exciting rather than scary and focuses on the newness of going someplace unfamiliar rather than the scary aspect of the unknown. Above all, though, are the beautiful, vibrant illustrations. I originally picked his up because the cover image was gorgeous and the story’s illustrations do not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous, full page watercolor images are found throughout the book and it makes the experience of reading this story exceptional.

The not so good: Although the illustrations are beautiful and the story is interesting, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the prose. Nothing sets it apart from any other perfectly nice picture book.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Citation: Empson, Jo. Little Home Bird, Child’s Play Inc, 2016.


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