Preschool Storytime: Halloween

My favorite day of the week is Preschool Storytime. I have a great regular group of kids that really gets into the stories and most of the caregivers really participate as well. Preschool age kids and up are my favorites. It’s not that I don’t love babies and toddlers but I find that you’re really more presenting to the caregivers in those storytimes and I prefer one on one interaction with the kids instead.

This is the last time that I’m going to see the kids until early November when we resume storytime programming so I wanted to get in a Halloween storytime while I had the chance. Before I even got started, one of the kids spotted my books and got very excited that we were going to be reading Halloween books!

Here’s my program breakdown…

What we read

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What we sang

Peanut butter, Jelly, Butter, and Jam

Give Me Something Good to Eat

Halloween Sign Song

How we moved

We’re Walking Through the Graveyard

Skeleton Dance


What a blast preschool is! There were only 8 kids in this particular session (which is about half of what I usually have) but the few kids who were there kept the energy going. Even some of my more reluctant listeners, who don’t usually participate or answer questions, were engaging quite a bit this time around. Maybe they feel lost in the sea of more kids and this gave them a chance to come out of their shells a little bit.

If you’re curious about the lyrics and ASL signs that I used for my sign song, let me know and I will be happy to post a video of the song.


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